Windy Hill, a lookout, full of memories

Fields are brown, the sky is gray, bare trees throughout the city.

It begins to sprinkle, dotting the windows, while watching what looks like matchbox cars from above.

I sit here, looking down at a part of the city, which used to be a Sunday drive. Now, the middle of town, as my mind drifts to the years spent sitting on the hill.

The tree branches move to the breeze, what secrets do they hold.

Windy Hill, located in Reno, NV, is also known as Audrey Harris Park.
Who is Audrey Harris?

Audrey Harris owned two homes on Lakeside directly across from Windy Hill.
She was known for keeping the lovers lookout, clean.
Colleen from Washoe County Parks and Recreation, met Colleens son, Gordy, about twenty years ago. At that time, Gordy was in his 60’s or 70’s. He has since passed away.

Due to his mothers love and work helping to keep Windy Hill pristeen, they decided to do a rememberamce for her, naming the lookout, Audrey Harris Park.